Counting Our Blessings

Over the past week, I have realized how truly blessed my family is, especially me. Lately I have been reading many stories of those who have chosen the Feingold path before us and was shocked.

You see when we decided to start this journey, I knew anything was possible if we (my husband, two daughters and me) were all in it together.  And from the get go, they were, especially my husband.  Without asking he read the program materials.  He asks questions and even double checks while shopping.  We agree as a team if we choose to make an exception or not. It isn’t about him or even me.  It is about us, our little family.

I must admit his devotion did surprise me a bit.  But what touched me even more was the geniune support outside of ‘us’. Our school and daycare have helped us stay on track.  One teacher even waited to do a classroom project until she knew she had an acceptable substitute for Fruit Loop necklaces.  Our family has not chastised our decision, but instead embraces it.  And our friends, well, there is a reason they are our friends.  They have stood by our side a bit intrigued but always supportive.

Don’t get me wrong there is always someone, in everyone’s life, who makes it challenging.  Luckily for us, those people are not a part of our village.  And if they were, we might, just might have to vote them off our island.

So I tip my hat in gratitude to my husband, children, family and friends for their love, support and encouragement.  And to my new Feingold family… if you do not have the same circle of strength around you, we welcome you with open arms into our family.  Together we can do this and give our children and ourselves a second chance at greatness.

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2 responses to “Counting Our Blessings

  1. Thanks Patricia! Right back at ya!

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