Blessed Are The Flexible

A wise woman once shared one of her favorite sayings with me.  It went like this. “Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape.” The play on words always makes me giggle, but it also holds so much truth.

Those who know me well, know that I am a planner.  I have a list for just about anything.  Going camping.  I have a list for that.  Throwing a party.  Have a list for that too.  Heading up to the cottage for a day, night or weekend.  You guessed it.  There is a list, a list and a list. We won’t even get into the detailed plans that went into our 2010 Disney trip.  My plans are my safety nets.  Without them, I don’t know that I could have taken on this new lifestyle.

Well, last week life decided to throw me a curve ball.  My oldest daughter became quite ill.  Between work, doctor appointments, school, more doctor appointments and other commitments, the first thing to go out the window was grocery shopping.  The second was the meal plan.

Now normally when this happens, 1-800-PapaJohns is there to help.  But unfortunately, they are not an acceptable food on the Feingold food list.  And with the plan out the window, it was flexibility or crankiness.  With my daughter so miserable, I opted for flexibility and revised the plan.

We worked with what we had and I am proud to say we survived without a blemish to our food eating record.  This is partially credited to the fully stocked pantry and freezer I have maintained for those just in case moments.  But, it also proved that even though this isn’t always the easiest of lifestyles, it is obtainable.  So next time life gives you lemons, make homemade lemonade.  It is an acceptable food on the list.

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2 responses to “Blessed Are The Flexible

  1. Apryle

    I have been enjoying your blog each week and this one made me laugh out loud. I can completely relate to your lists, it is what keeps me sane and gets everything accomplished. You’ll be happy to know that we recently enjoyed a Feingold Friendly trip to Disney. In addition to having significantly better snacks than are available in the park, we ate for 3 days for a family of 4 for less than most people spend for a single person for a single day. We had pizza, hot dogs, sandwiches and snacks, plus fresh pinapple juice and lemonade. Congratulations on making it through a crazy week and not going off plan! It is tough learning all the things our grandmothers knew, but so worth it! :)

    • I am glad you have been enjoying the blog! This fall I may have to ask you for a bit of advice as we will be making our first trip since starting Feingold. Hope you continue to enjoy the posts ahead.

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