When my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor, our world turned upside down. The surgery was a success, but it left him with short-term memory loss. This condition affected every aspect of our lives, especially our meticulously separated finances. Suddenly, he couldn’t remember crucial financial details or keep track of medical appointments, thrusting me into a role I had never anticipated.

To manage his commitments and ensure he received proper care, I had to access his emails. Using his facial recognition to unlock his account, I delved into his digital life, trying to piece together the information we needed. It was during this process that I stumbled upon a shocking revelation: hidden email accounts linked to dating websites. There, in stark black and white, were conversations with women he had met through these sites.

The discovery was a dagger to my heart. The man I had always loved and trusted had been unfaithful. Our marriage, built on the foundations of mutual respect and loyalty, now felt like a fragile facade. I was overcome with a whirlwind of emotions—shock, betrayal, and an overwhelming sense of heartbreak.

Despite the pain, leaving him never seemed like an option. I love him deeply, and this is an incredibly trying time for him. He is in recovery, vulnerable and dependent. I couldn’t imagine abandoning him when he needs support the most. But the weight of this secret has been suffocating. Each day, I carry the burden of his betrayal, waiting for the right moment to confront him.

I have always been a faithful and submissive wife, dedicated to our marriage. I believed that our love was strong enough to weather any storm. But now, I am torn between my love for him and the undeniable fact that I deserve better. This betrayal has shattered my trust, and yet, I am bound by my commitment to his recovery.

What should I do? How do I navigate this tumultuous path, balancing my love for him with the betrayal that haunts me?