Do you know how easy it is to save money in Nigeria? I didn’t. Having lived with a certain degree of privilege, I never learnt the cost of running a household (even as an unmarried person) until I tried my hand at financial independence.
There’s nothing quite like being born into this illustrious country. No matter the corner, you’re bound to find people of all genders and ages hustling to realize their dreams. But what is the greatest advantage in being Nigerian? The affordability and availability of almost anything that you could possibly require.

As a young person in this country, you find yourself surrounded by a variety of products; imported or otherwise. And it only gets better, for the quality is always top-notch and within affordable ranges.
I could buy whatever clothes, towels, cleaning agents, cooking utensils and foodstuff I’d need; all with the average salary of an entry-level employee.

As a young woman in Nigeria, I am constantly picking between taking care of myself with some luxurious hair and skincare products or treating myself to a fanciful meal every once in a while. After all, my bills are nothing. I can always take care of myself if I work hard enough.

There’s nothing more relaxing than being a citizen of our great nation. And hoping you someday get to travel the world. In fact, living in Nigeria is so simple, I think I’ll start a GoFundMe for my next Birkin bag. Maybe buy a house in Lekki Island, or fund my trip to some exotic resort.

There’s something to be said for furnishing a home for the first time; especially when that money is coming straight from your pocket. By the time an electrician, plumber, or nepa official bills you, you’ll be wishing for that knock on your head that your parents used to give you every time you did something they didn’t approve of.

The reality is that the cost of living in Nigeria has become more unbearable than ever before. Every socioeconomic class is feeling the heat, but none more than the already poor.

Living in Nigeria as it is, for some, is a dream already being fulfilled.

The rest of us have to work hard, but what is that worth if with every hurdle we pass, the next rug’s already being pulled?