The House Speaker series consists of lectures aimed at offering empowerment, networking, knowledge sharing, encouragement and grooming for emerging talents.

Our guest speaker is Unlimited LA, a prolific music video director. 

In his presentation, LA explained that there is little to no structure for creatives when it comes to music videos and music directors don’t get royalties. He referenced DJ T being one of the first people who started music videos in Nigeria and pushed the payment for video directors from a mere 30 thousand to a million Naira.

LA has been in music video production since 2005, graduated to DoP roles in 2008 and started directing in 2011.

The way he recorded was overly creative. At some point he was fired off a set of a reality show called Peak, he was employed to be the head of the camera but when he got there he changed the setting of the camera to shoot flat because in his head he thought he was doing film and he was fired. He also tried to work with Galaxy TV but he did not fit in so he started cinematography for directors like Sesan, Akinalabi, and Gbenga Salu, he was their DOP and he built his confidence from there. 

The Unlimited LA brand rests on a creative perspective to capture brilliant images to fit the music, as well as a fully functional production team and tons of investment in props and equipment, which removes the need to rent and is more profitable in the long run. 

LA advised aspiring video directors not to waste resources on the most high-tech equipment but to focus on creativity and innovation.

Watch The Video Below to Enjoy the Lecture: