In a whirlwind of drama, the estranged marriage of American-based Nigerian dancer **Korra Obidi** and her ex-husband, **Justin Dean**, has taken center stage. The saga involves allegations of infidelity, shocking revelations, and a recent attack that has left fans and followers buzzing.

Justin Dean, still nursing the wounds of their failed marriage, has come forward with explosive claims. He alleges that Korra was having extramarital affairs while pregnant with their second child. According to Dean, Korra’s rendezvous with another man during her friend’s wedding in Nigeria was a betrayal that cut deep. The fact that she was five months pregnant at the time only intensified the drama. Dean’s anger is palpable as he reveals conversations between Korra and her alleged paramours. The stakes were high—both emotionally and physically—as he points out the risks of sexually transmitted diseases during pregnancy.

Korra Obidi, no stranger to controversy, recently faced a different kind of assault. During a live stream, she was attacked with a knife and acid. The incident left her shaken but determined. In an Instagram post, she acknowledged the hate she has endured in the past but emphasized that this physical assault was a wake-up call. Korra’s resilience shines through as she refuses to be just another celebrity seeking attention through staged incidents. Her escape from the attack was a stroke of luck, and she’s ready to move forward.

Justin Dean, however, isn’t buying it. He took to his own Instagram page to dismiss Korra’s version of events. According to him, staging robberies, assaults, or any other sensational acts is a common tactic among celebrities desperate for views and relevance. Dean’s skepticism is evident, and he believes the situation has spiraled out of control.

As the saga continues, Korra Obidi remains a polarizing figure. Whether she’s a victim or a master of clout-chasing, one thing is certain: her life is anything but ordinary. Stay tuned for more updates as this rollercoaster of drama unfolds.

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